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Welcome to Cruising‑Cape‑Breton.info: the essential, information resource. Whether you're a cruiser venturing to our island or a Cape Breton cruiser seeking new horizons, we have the up‑to‑date information you need. And it's all FREE! For many cruisers, Cape Breton Island is the Ultimate Cruising Destination.

Cruise Cape Breton: The Yachters’ Guide to the Bras d’Or LakesCalled "The Yachtsman's Guide" in early editions; changed to "The Yachters' Guide" for political correctness! provided such information in book‑format. Published in 1974 and revised last in 1992, it's long out of print and surviving editions contain misinformation. Later editions omitted several useful charts; chart and illustration quality was poor.

Much has changed since Cruise Cape Breton was published; not only around the island but also in the way we communicate and navigate. Today, satellites and modern electronics let us navigate with precision. Change is continuous; it makes guidebooks out‑of‑date before they are published. Cruising-Cape-Breton.info is our answer. The ‘What's New Here’ column shows how we strive to keep up with changes and improve the information's accuracy, utility, and presentation. Read What Cruisers Say about this site.

PDF iconAlthough Internet access is often available while under way, in harbours and anchorages mobile phone signals may be weak or nonexistent. So, documents linked to, or provided on this website, including eBooks of charts, are downloadable in PDF‑format. Print them or store them on a laptop or tablet for use on board. Look for the PDF symbol, or visit Downloads for what you need.

HELP! This website is a volunteer project that evolves to meet cruisers' needs. Keeping information up‑to‑date and relevant is important and time-consuming. Please contribute by providing suggestions, ideas, criticism, corrections, or additions. Or help by writing material for inclusion on this website. All input is welcome! You're all encouraged to take part. Your feedback is important. Contact Us!

This is a never‑ending project—check back for updates!

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